Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is the creation of a lighting effect, not the display of lighting fixtures

Why enjoy your landscape lighting only in the day? With a landscape lighting system from Innovative Irrigation Solutions you might enjoy your landscaping more at night than in the day! Our landscape lighting designs are meant to create an unique atmosphere using subtle lights hidden in inconspicuous places to accent certain parts of your landscape or to create a natural moonlight feel.


You can rest assured that your landscape lighting is installed properly with our in house electrician. We have the experience and the knowledge to install a landscape lighting system that you will love for many years.

Enjoy your garden as darkness falls, with a professionally-designed and installed garden lighting system

Trees, Shrubs, Paths, Patios, Decks, Water Features or any other interesting area can be illuminated to create a perfect setting for you to relax in the peace and tranquility of your garden.
Garden lighting solutions


Lighting adds to a landscape, creating dramatic focal points.

Unseen trees come alive bathed in softwedges of uplight, highlighting the texture and foliage pattern; dark ground cover becomes distinct; pathways are illuminated by muted pools of light; property boundaries become well-defined secured borders in which your family can interact peacefully with nature.

Lighting adds to a landscape, creating dramatic focal points when a light focuses on a plant or water feature. Lights also add safety when pathways are lit for nighttime use. Lighting experts think of design and safety when they work with lighting.


(Light Emitting Diodes) are compact, solid-state light sources that offer significantly longer operating lifetimes than most other lamps, including halogen, and offer consistent beam patterns without variation. LED lamps are also vibration-resistant, turn on instantly, provide directional light output, and perform well in cold temperatures.

By using less power to emit the same amount of light as a halogen or incandescent lamp, low-voltage LEDs help you to save money and energy. The lower voltage of LED lights also inhibits system voltage drop, so your lighting designs can utilize thinner cables in more simplified layouts

LED lamps have a longer life LED lamps have an L70 rating of 40,000 hours – 8 to 10 times longer than a halogen lamp. •At 6 hours per night run time, LED lamps last approximately 18.25 years. •With a rated lifespan of 4-5000 hrs, halogen lamps last only 2.5 years.

Why landscape lighting?
· Beauty
· Safety
· Security
· Enjoy your property into the night
· Increase home value

Why Innovative Irrigation Solutions?

· 11 years experience designing and installing landscape lighting
· We use only the best products, most include a lifetime warranty
· We will come back to service your system on a yearly basis if you would like.
· We will provide a wiring diagram at the end of your project.
· We will come back at night to adjust your lights and see if there is anything we can do to  improve.
· Licensed electrician

We can install the wiring and irrigation pipes in the same trenches if you use us to do both.

A yearly maintenance program would include the following: cleaning the lenses on the fixtures, pruning around the fixtures, moving and re-aiming fixtures on the ground to best light plants and trees as they grow, making sure all of the lamps work and adjusting the timers. At certain intervals we would like to change all the bulbs at once to avoid coming back to change bulbs whenever one fails (unless they are LED). Also if we maintain your lighting system we could take care of your irrigation system in the same visit to save you money.
We now offer all our landscape lights in LED. LED uses around 80% less electricity, and last around 10 times longer! The light output of the new LEDs look no different than the halogen lights that you are used too.

• Spring bulb replacement, fixture cleaning, loosen wires, and fixtures on trees, set timers, and whatever other maintenance is needed.

• 24/7 service
• Fall check up